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What We Provide

Unlike many editing services, all of our work is done by hand. We don't use scanning software, which often misses common issues. Our changes and comments are made directly in your Word file using the Track Changes function - so you can see exactly what we changed and why we changed it. Our clients include USA Today and Amazon international best sellers. Our staff is knowledgeable across a wide variety of genres, including romance, mysteries, thrillers, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and young-adult.

+ What Our Clients Say

"I think your process of collaboration is a big differentiator for One More Time Edit. Having full line/copy edits by two editors is not something I've seen, and the price for that is in line with what other editors charge for one full line/copy edit. Your process definitely gives the author their money's worth AND the confidence their book has been thoroughly edited." --Lane McFarland

"One More Time Editing’s commitment to service and quality offers fast turn times and competitive pricing for a variety of editing services. As a client of One More Time Editing, they worked directly with me to help increase the success and the sales of my books. As I have worked with other editors, I was highly impressed with One More Time Editing’s service I received and have confidence in their editing expertise. They are truly an extension and a key part of my writing and publishing process." --April Holthaus

"I love how the collaborative edit gives us a chance at a bit of back and forth...with most editors you just get their opinion and you can't discuss reasons as to why they've commented on things...with the collaborative edit, Helen and I have a dialogue...and I love that! All the back and forth makes for a stronger story!" --Tess St. John

"One More Time Editing not only exceeded my expectations of the chapter-edit, but as I started asking questions about the process and the product, I got the sense that the staff at OMTE was going to care as much about doing their job with excellence as I do about mine." --R.L. Syme

+ Services

In order to better gauge our expected turn-around time, we require submission of your full manuscript prior to a service contract. We will provide a sample of our work chosen from the middle of the manuscript, which is typically the least polished portion, of roughly three thousand words. There is no charge for this sample.

Basic proofreading - $0.005 cents/word

This service is a one-time read of the manuscript to check for errors such as spelling, computer spell check errors, punctuation, grammar, and errors in sentence structure. There will be no review of content or suggestions. Errors are identified. The author makes their own corrections.

Turn around time for proofreading is approximately one business day for every seven thousand words. Rush proofreading may be available for an additional fee - contact us for availability.

Content/Line Editing - $0.012 cents/word

A full read of your manuscript for plot structure, wording, characterization, tone, pace, consistency, and content. While editors may correct grammar and punctuation as they read, this is not their primary focus, and we strongly suggest a full proofreading pass in addition to content/line editing before publication. A brief synopsis or outline is required when the manuscript is submitted.

Turn-around time for Content/Line Editing is typically five business days, per pass, per 40,000 words. Rush service may be available for an additional fee. Please note your desired deadline when contacting us.

Collaborative Edit - $0.025 cents/word

A true collaborative effort to polish all aspects of your book. You will receive two full line/copy edits. The first edit will include comments, suggestions for improvements, and ghost writing per request. Content is reviewed for transitions, inconsistencies, word choice, and run on sentences. Where we deem it necessary, we will provide fact checking and provide references to support our findings. Your revision will undergo another line edit with feedback. After the second edit is approved by the author, the final draft is sent to a different editor on staff for a final proofread. The editor is available for extensive telephone, email, text message, or Skype communication.

A brief synopsis or outline is required when the manuscript is submitted. Turn-around time for a work of approximately 60,000 words is approximately fifteen business days. Rush service may be available for an additional fee. Please note your desired deadline when contacting us.

+ Additional Discounts & Payment

All payment is handled through PayPal. For long works and new customers, we require a 50% deposit before work begins. Payment in full is due before we return the edited manuscript.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our work, we will do another pass of the same service level with another one of our editors at no charge. If you are still unsatisfied, we will refund the entire fee less PayPal transaction costs.

For Ongoing Series, we offer discounts for contracting for the entire series up-front, at the rate of 5% off each book past the first. These discounts stack: First book at listed rated, second book is 5% off, third book is 10% off, etc.

In addition, we offer no-interest monthly payments for all series contracts, as well as single-book contracts over $600, to help meet the cash-flow needs of independent authors.

Social media management and marketing is available for $100 a month. For a limited time, the first month is half-off. This service is free of charge for all editing and publishing clients.


For every referral who signs a contract with us after their first free chapter, the referring author will receive either $20 cash or a $25 credit towards their next edit! To send us a referral, check the "referral" box below. We will not contact your referrals unless they contact us - this form is solely for our records, to ensure you get referral credit. Referral cash payouts will be made via PayPal, and will be made by the 7th of the month following the referred author's payment.

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