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Find An Author Friday: Màiri Norris

Màiri Norris is a USN vet who lives in Virginia with her USCG retiree husband and two cats. She loves to read, make dollhouse miniatures and travel (her heart belongs to the Highlands of Scotland) when she's not busy writing. At age six she learned to read and discovered a new universe to explore through books. Many genres interest her, including science fiction and mystery, but historical romance is her favorite. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Chesapeake Romance Writers, Beau Monde and Clan Donald, USA.

What did you do before becoming a Romance writer, and how has it impacted your writing?

It’s delightful to be here at One More Time Editing. My earliest memories are tied up with the three earliest goals of my life. I received a Florence Nightingale kit for my fifth Christmas and already knew by then I wanted to become a nurse. The next was to follow my birth father and join the Navy. After that was the desire to find my very own ‘one true love’. I’ve been greatly privileged in that I have achieved those goals. I did become a nurse, and my years in the navy combined the first two goals in that I was a Hospital Corpsman. During that time I met my darling husband. The realization of each goal can be seen in my writing. In my stories, there is always a need for healing of body, heart or soul. My heroes are warriors, and my heroines, while not ‘warriors’ in the sense of battling as with a sword, are strong in the way of caregiving women who are willing to fight for those they love.

What is one thing people should know about your novels or your writing that sets them apart?

The primary literary inspiration for my style of writing is the incomparable Ms. Victoria Holt. Following her shining example, I attempt to weave my romances with a strong and sometimes convoluted plot. While I try to keep the romance and relationships foremost, my goal is also to challenge my readers with a mix of history, mystery and/or intrigue.

How do you determine the setting and characters for your stories? (For example, are you inspired by current events and prominent people in the news, or do you write with a traditional trope in mind, like a fairy tale?

I think the foundation for most romance writers is the traditional trope, but our muses take inspiration from a variety of different sources to flesh those out. In my case, my love of Celtic history and the Celtic blood flowing through my veins plays a dominant role in my choice of setting and characters.

Do you write more than one romance genre, and what are they, if so?

Historical romance remains my first love, but my stories have a tendency to edge toward historical mystery and suspense as the colorful backdrop for the romance. I truly enjoy weaving my romances with both.

What is the best part of researching an era for a story?

The sheer joy of discovery. Every era enjoys its own unique and fascinating aspects. The search to find those that, in some way, impact my stories is as enjoyable as writing the story.

Where can we find your current work?

For Love of the Rose

What would you like to share about your next book?

My next work is the third book in the Ballads of the Roses series, entitled Scent of Wild Roses, the story of Evart D’Auvrecher, firstborn son of Fallard and Ysane from Rose of Hope and the healer, Annice of Aiglantier. I wrote it some years ago and am in the middle of extensive rewrites. If all goes well, it will be available in early spring, 2016.

Thank you so much, OMTE, for inviting me to join you today.


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