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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Me? (Series Introduction)

As an author, which social media platform(s) are appropriate for you? 


Despite the common perceptions that the nature of social media relationships are relaxed, trivial, and arguably shallow, it is hard for an author to ignore its potential for low-cost guerilla marketing. If used correctly social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, or Google+ can expose authors to new readers, editors, publishers, or other industry professionals. However, there are currently so many platforms available it would be impractical to devote an amount of time sufficient to establish or expand your author platform while also writing a novel, attending conferences, or working a day job.


So the question becomes, which social media platforms should you focus on to reach the greatest amount of your target audience? This series will attempt to provide summary descriptions of each social media platform, as well as their pros and cons.


Even as we offer our perspective, it is important to note that:

A) One More Time doesn't know everything about social media.

B) Even if One More Time did know everything about social media, it would be nigh impossible to summarize that knowledge into a few compartmentalized blog posts.


Learning about social media is a long evolution that will require a great amount of passive study. Simultaneously, it is a very young field, evolving as rapidly as our most modern technology, therefore many assumptions may only be correct for a short amount of time. There is a wealth of conflicting information, baseless claims, and spurious contributors whose aims are only to lure you into spending money on their insubstantial programs. We have endeavored to wade through this deluge and shall report back to you what we know to be true.


Social Media Sites to be reviewed (Hyperlinks will be updated as blogs are published):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn