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Find An Author Friday: Diane Dario

Next up on our “Find An Author Friday” is Diane Dario. Diane won a publishing contract at our FB party launching our debut publishing client, Beppie Harrison. Diane’s debut publication is a Regency Era novella and will be published by the end of this month. We’ll be announcing the actual release details soon. We are still finalizing details like her Author Pages, but you can find her on Pinterest in the meantime!  Please help us welcome Diane Dario.

Hi Diane, please tell us a little about yourself and how you became an author.  

I have been reading romance novels since my aunt introduced me at the age of 14, and I have not stopped reading them.

Regency romances are one of my all-time favorite eras; grand ballrooms, dinner parties while sitting next to a grand duke or war hero just returned from fighting against Napoleon and the French.. Hey a girl can dream, can’t she?

When I'm not reading or writing, I am enjoying the joyful moments with my growing family, the ballet, and romantic movies.

Writing has always been a great passion for me; a long road of many ups and downs, lots of online writing classes, and the years it took to get the craft right. Finally, all my time and efforts paid off, and now my dream of becoming a published author is going to become a reality. Thanks for a great opportunity of winning a first chapter Facebook contest.

It just goes to prove dreams can come true as long as you do not give up on them.


What is your favorite part of writing?

The research and having the opportunity to let my imagination run away with me as I go into another place and time while creating romantic stories.


What do you use as inspiration for your characters?

I am a big fan on Pinterest and love creating boards for my romances. Visit me there to see what my characters look like and the background for my stories.

Your upcoming release, The Rake’s Redemption takes a slightly different spin on the “left at the alter” storyline. Where did you get the idea for your unique spin on this familiar theme?

I always enjoyed reading second chance on romance books and I thought I could do this. The hard part was trying to come up with a plot that wasn’t used before. I do hope you like Caroline and Pierce as they found the love they once shared wasn’t lost forever.


This story also has elements of the difficulties soldiers face when they return home. Who or what was your inspiration for this secondary theme?

The upcoming anniversary of Waterloo. I thought what must it have felt like to be in battle, seeing your fellow soldiers and friends die right before your eyes.


Is The Rake’s Redemption part of a series? If not, what else do you write about?

No The Rake’s Redemption is a stand-alone book.  I enjoy writing anything and everything that pertains to the Regency era.


What do you have coming up next?

A Christmas Regency novella – The Earl’s Temptation. A rash promise to his friend forces Noel Redgrave, the Earl of Ravenstone, to find a woman who will pose as his fiancée. The Christmas season has always been important to him especially now that he has returned home from the war.

The only lady who would do is Lettice Durham, a friend and former army officer’s sister. Lady Lettice intends to remain unmarried, having no need for a husband to live the life of her dreams.

The second is a full length novel - The Captain’s Lady. Captain Roderick Seymour, of His Majesty’s Royal Navy, is the second son who inherits the title of Marquis. The family estate comes with dark secrets, and the ghost of his mother, who appears before danger approaches.

Roderick inquiries into the deaths of his brother and parents leads to startling discoveries and an increasingly inconvenient attraction to the strong willed Arabelle Worsley, who wants to help him to solve the mystery surrounding his family’s deaths.

Rake’s Redemption is a story of love interrupted by a young man’s call to duty…

Pierce, a younger son, realizes that the life of a military officer is far beneath what the woman he loves deserves. Despite her reassurances, he makes a decision to leave her behind, which will haunt him even after he returns from the war. 

Caroline, socially ruined by a failed elopement, yearns for a husband and children of her own. Finally deciding to accept the attentions of eligible bachelors, her world is turned upside down once again when her brother in law returns from fighting Napoleon on the peninsula.

When Pierce returns to his childhood home, he and Caroline soon realize they share a sizzling physical attraction. But will the lingering pain of rejection she carries, and his dark memories of battle stand in the way of love? 


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