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Tip of the Day # 12: Leave cobwebs in the corners

What do I mean by "cobwebs"? I'm talking about the characters who may be referenced once or twice early in a story, only to reappear in the last few chapters. I refer to these characters as cobwebs because they are barely noticeable throughout the story, and when the spotlight is thrown upon them, the reader thinks, "Who are you again? Where did you come from?" 

An author might feel the need to set up their next story or they may be trying to tie up every single loose thread. It's unnecessary in both instances. Sometimes a loose thread can be the beginning of another great story. Sometimes a reference to a character you haven't read anything about since chapter 1 is like a mosquito buzzing in your ear. 

 There's a saying, "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig."

The moral of this blog is this: "Never try too hard to set up your next book. It wastes words and annoys the reader. "