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Tip of The Day #8: Adding depth of emotion to your stories

The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi gives this tip,"...look for symbolism within the character's current setting. What unique object within the location can the character make note of that perfectly embodies the emotion they are feeling inside?" .

For example : He was furious as he stood next to the waterfall. 

Compare to:

 1) His fury churned and roiled like the waters at the foot of the waterfall a few feet away.

2) His anger was  rushing through him, turning into fury, just like the water rushing over the cliff to become a foaming, deadly hydrolic.

In revision # 1, above, other emotions like fear, anxiety, anticipation, or even passion could be substituted. It would be difficult, though not impossible,  to substitute any other emotion in #2. 

Another example:

Elsa was near panic; her eyes glancing about. 

Compare to:

Ex. 1) Elsa glanced about the room, noting the china figurine balanced precariously near the edge of a small table. That's exactly how I feel, she thought, as though I'm about to fall off a cliff.

or if you want to maintain 3rd person POV,

Ex. 2) Elsa glanced about the room. Her eyes locked onto the delicate china swan barely balanced on the edge of the table. Her hand trembling, she reached; saving the figurine as though she were saving herself. 

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