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Tip of The Day #5: Get Inspired!

Most writers struggle from time to time with the need for inspiration. When this happens to you-give yourself a break and get away from the computer. Stop banging on the keys, hitting your head against the screen, and threatening to throw it off the nearest bridge.

Go for a walk at a park or in your neighborhood. Studies have shown that some of our best ideas occur to us when we are doing something mindless. You might even find inspiration cleaning house! What could be more mindless than folding laundry or wiping counters? 

If you live near any historical sites or museums, visit them. Museums and historical sites are full of stories and images of amazing people and events that changed history forever!  If you love Highland novels but can't afford to take a quick jaunt to Scotland, go the your nearest fabric store and peruse the plaid fabrics. You think I'm kidding, don't you? I'm deadly serious. And speaking of deadly, some cities even have law enforcement or crime scene museums for those of you who write mysteries or suspense novels. How about a stroll through an old cemetery? All of the above work for both fiction and non-fiction writers .

So the next time you feel stuck or frustrated with your story - go have some fun!! Your computer will thank you.