One More Time Editing

You write. We edit. One more time.

The Editing Service That Reads Every Word

About Us

Our Mission

To provide a collaborative editing experience to authors of all genres, helping them polish their craft while maintaining their unique writing “voice”.

What You Get

Every project submitted to One More Time Editing is assigned a Primary Editor and a Proofreader. This provides internal accountability as well as client accountability to guarantee a quality finished product for the authors who trust us with their work. While some editing services provide a traditional Style Sheet, we provide the same feedback directly in the marginal comments. Our version of a Style Sheet is much easier for authors to use because they have the information they need right where they need it, rather than having to look back and forth between documents. We will include references for suggested grammar and style changes, as well as for any fact checking we deem necessary. Fact checking could include, but is not limited to, such things as historical accuracy or technical terminology.

Who We Are

In June, 2014 we formed a legal partnership to meet the increasing demand for affordable editing services.  We have a collaborative approach; our goal is to help, not criticize. One More Time Editing, LLC offers a unique 3 pass Collaborative Edit which includes two separate editors. When you use our services, you can be confident that we read every word of your manuscript One More Time. 

One More Time Editing, LLC Editing Staff

Helen Nazzaro, Editor in Chief

Helen Nazzaro, co-founder and Editor in Chief of One More Time Editing, LLC, has worked with clients ranging from USA Today Best-Sellers to debut authors, and is a member of the American Copyeditors Society,  Romance Writers of America, and the Historical Novel Society. Helen is on the board of directors for Bartlett Christian Writers, and provides workshops about topics related to writing and publishing in the Memphis area. Helen has been invited to lead a workshop at Memphis Shelby County Library’s BookStock event in 2017, which hosts two hundred local writers every year from Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding mid-south area.

She is also a founding partner of Nazzaro & Price Publishing, a full service, royalty paying indie publisher. 

Joseph Nazzaro, Managing Director

Joe holds a Bachelor of Political Sciences degree from Mississippi State University. After graduating college, Joe worked in Washington, D.C., as the General Manager for Georgetown Cupcake, a national cupcake bakery chain that was featured in a reality show on the Discovery Channel for several years. Ready for a career change, Joe agreed to a partnership in One More Time Editing, LLC. Joe is also an avid reader and is the primary editor for science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Joe also edits non-fiction and is the senior proofreading associate.

Julie Graham, Assistant Editor

Julie holds 2 Bachelors’ degrees, one in Science and Industry from Mississippi State University, and one in Aviation Business Administration from Embry Riddle Aviation. Julie also holds a Masters’ Degree in Accountancy from Texas A & M University. Julie was the Editor in Chief for the naval base newspaper for the U. S. Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. She also has extensive experience authoring and editing technical documents, policy manuals, and training plans in the banking, military and aviation industries.  Julie is the primary editor for all military genres, including suspense, crime, and romance, and an assistant editor of historical romance. Julie is also a proofreading associate.